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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  October 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> coming up, an elderly couple found dead. what police say happened inside their baltimore county home. >> how family, friends, and strangers were on hand to give returning troops a grand homecoming celebration. >> and the man accused of killing a johns hopkins researcher learns his fate. "11 news saturday morning" starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning. welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. lisa has the weekend off. i'm deborah weiner. our top stories in just a
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moment. fiss a look outside with -- first a look outside with lowell melzer. >> it is going to be a great fall day. no rain in the forecast for the next couple days. clear, dry, cool. >> love it. >> temperatures in the 50's. high 50's, low 60's. so enjoy it. taking a look behind me here. doppler radar showing nothing, absolutely nothing. which we like. at the airport. 43 degrees. humidity up there. which is nice, because over the past couple days it has been breezy. i think those condition also continue as we head into the next couple days. i'll break it down in the insta-weather plus forecast in just a couple minutes. >> the baltimore county police
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are trying to determine what triggered an parent murder-suicide. >> an elderly come was found in their home on bird river. more from police head quarters in towson with sheldon dutes. >> they were married. she was 84, he was 85. they died of gun shot wounds. there was a note. >> investigators won't say who wrote the note. investigators spent the afternoon combing through this parent murder-suicide. >> he didn't seem like the type of person that would do that. >> i didn't think that would be possible with these two people. they were really good, kind people, and it is just a very strange thing to even talk about.
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there is probably a whole lot more to it. >> i was going to check on them. you aren't going to stop something just by saying "hi," but -- >> the couple did have problems with their health. >> that's a shame. he was a nice guy. his wife, he -- >> detectives continue to investigate what prompted this tragedy. >> another murder at the criminaliston hospital in jessup. one of the patients asked a security guard for assistence. that agent saw a patient
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bleeding and unconscious with trauma. >> we don't know a cause or manner of death. the body has been taken to the medical examiner's office. >> he was taken to the hospital after being his psychiatrist to death. >> family and friends say good-bye to a baltimore teen. authorities say larry horton attacked 18-year-old ryan jackson inside his home. police found his wallet with the murder weapon. detectives caught up with horton in alabama. he spoke to a reporter as he was being led to jail. >> i'm sorry for everything that
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happened, and for his family. >> horton's wife was arrested for hindering and resisting arrest. >> the man accused of killing a johns hopkins researcher will spend the rest of his life behind bars. a judge gave john wagner a nax maximum students -- a maximum sentence. he said he would give him the same mercy that he showed steven pitcarin. >> they have to move on with their lives without their son, without their brother. >> the pitcarin family declined to comment. >> an accident in fells point around 10:30 thursday night. police say one of the victims was julian benson, a student at morgan state university. he was scheduled to graduate
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this december. police say speed may have been a factor in this crash. the people in the other vehicle that were struck are expected to be ok. >> a howard county grand jury handed out a pair of indictments. police say mcdonald shot mcnare back on november 12 in the 8700 block of harshed lane. >> anthony parker accused of killing fippy wise on september 13. both suspects held at howard county detension center. >> a frederick man facing a long list of charges after police say they found him in a college campus shower stall. justin morgan broke into a college dorm on thursday, made his way into one of the bathrooms on the floors. frederick police were investigating a theft when they were called to the dorm and
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caught up with morgan as he was leaving the building. he was arrested and released on 25,000 bond. >> the time is 5:07. it is chilly here on tv hill. stay with us. still much more news ahead. >> we head to b.w.i. fr a homecoming celebration. >> first a live look at a crisp, cool, fall morning. stay with us. saturday morning is just getting started. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp? get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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>> well, it is a clear morning out of b.w.i. right now. look at the barometer. 41.0. we are definitely under the -- under high pressure and will be for the next couple days. taking a look at what happened just yesterday. 61 out at the airport. 63 at the inner harbor for highs. 46 at the airport. 51 at the inner harbor. we have 50 downtown.
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50 at salisbury. up in parkton, 43 degrees. westton 46. profitburg at 4 -- frostburg at 46. as far as the rest of the day goes, mostly sunny. a perfect fall day. we'll be on the higher end if too many clouds don't move into the area, which could happen later this afternoon. our current cloud cover, high weather you can't see associated with that trough here. take a look. high pressure is definitely the story. the only thing we're worried about, way out west there is a storm system. this could bring precipitation as we head into the middle and end of next week. temperatures as this front approaches will start climbing again. we could see things into the
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lower 70's probably by wednesday. temperatures around the region, that should be about a 50. i think this thing is about an hour behind. you get the picture. these were the low temperatures. so if you're heading out and about, speaking of later in the day, partly cloudy this evening. the good news, no rain in the forecast. 61 for the high today. 63.
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we start feeling the effects. lings look good. so fall rain is good to go. wednesday, thursday, friday. with the end of muammar gaddafi's reign so ends the need for air strikes in the nato imposed no-fly zone. >> we have taken a decision to end -- we will take a formal decision next week.
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i will apply with the united nations and national council. >> reaction continues to come in over president obama's announcement that all u.s. forces stationed in iraq will be returning home by the end of the year. that came after meeting with noriel malaki. >> the thing i wouldn't do is tell the enemy how many troops you are going to bring out. >> i think it is long overdue. we accomplished our goal. i think it is important for us to get out of there, then, as soon as possible, out of afghanistan as well.
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>> speaking of troops coming home, dozens of troops landed last night tired after a long trip overseas and very happy to be treated by friends and families and even complete strangers. a group called welcome home maryland. kai reed has more. >> dozens of servicemen and women were greeted with a celebration they never expected. many are just learning of the president's announcement of a complete withdrawal. >> i'm happy about it. it is great to be home. >> i have a lot of excitement. there are things that need to be
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weighed. are we doing it the right way. is the country stable enough that we won't have to go back. >> it is good news for everyone. it is hard to be there, missing our families, and it is great to be home. >> two full flights landed in baltimore. operation welcome home maryland put on the party to make the service men and women at home, hand off snack bags, and say "thank you. they greeded more than 5,000 -- greeted more than 5,000 troops in the last month alone. >> this right here makes everything worth it. >> kai reed reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> operation maryland is always looking for donations. find a link to operation welcome home at
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>> you never get tired of seeing them. >> it is nice to have that many people welcome them. my dad was on submarines scomprks i remember waiting for them to come home. it was so emotional. >> coming up this morning -- >> yes, we have lots coming up. how the same aproppingeproach helping dieters and smokers is now helping with the misery of my grains. >> and contact lenses. they are a
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>> could "antibiotics" be contributing to the child obesity epidemic. researchers say it is a possibility. they exposed baby mice to common antibiotics like amoxicillan and
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then measured their weight and height. researchers say early exposure to antibiotics could alter the back teerl -- bacterial composition of the gut. >> and how to get rid of painful my grains. a report. >> it is a migraine. constant pain that just won't stop. >> sometimes the only thing i can do is lay down in a dark place. >> this artist makes a living painting beauty and serenity but she said there is nothing pretty about her my grains. >> i get stabbing pains in my head. >> this is helping control her pain, hypnosis. she said no one is more surprised than she is. >> i remember thinking, this
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isn't such a hoax. >> her friend, a hypnotist, convinced her to give it a pry. >> this is not a cure. i can't cure anything. i can help them. >> he insifts, see a medical doctor first. >> their homework is to listen every day and come back and report what happened. >> usually i get good results. >> it worked completely. >> listening to a relaxation tape helps keep -- >> it helps so i can nip it in the bud. >> her allergist, sfeeven silverstein is arguably one of the best -- stephen silverstein
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is arguably one of the best hypnotists. >> i believe if people have a migraine, these techniques may work for them. one of the problems with hypnosis, it requires a hypnotist, where some of these other techniques can be taught and learned self-mastery. >> i don't want them coming to me for the rest of their lives. i want them to be self-reliant. >> we have a programming note. the commissioner of health for baltimore city will be our "q & -- we will have a guest tomorrow from baltimore city on "q & a." send questions to
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we'll be right back. first a look at events going on around town this weekend. what do you think of this one?
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yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. >> cosmetic contact lessons can be dangerous for people. >> from vampires to skeletons and zombies, there is a lot
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frightening inside a halloween store. but there is one doctors say should scare you. cosmetic contact lenses. >> black wolf, aliens, and the staff, one said they were popular before zombies. >> we also found them at a gas station. >> really in >> oh, i was not aware. >> this doctor is an oph thalomolgist who deals with disasters. he feels these are a disaster waiting to happen. he shows us the chilling truth. using the purple to -- using these to turn your eye purple can result in permanent damage of the eye. it also can result in scarring
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of the cornea. if it is a must-have, first see an eye doctor. and do not share them. otherwise you can get an infection. >> very dramatic side-effects if are you infected. >> why would you want to do that? >> that's terrifying. >> all right. >> it is 5:27. lowell, what's the temperature? >> 34. >> coming up, find out why you may soon be paying extra this winter to heat your home. >> that's scary. >> including the opening statements of the gunman in the baltimore county murder for hire goes on trial. lowell? >> leave the weather to me. >> it is a great fall day today. a lot less breezy. we'll break it down for you in
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the insta-weather plus forecast. stay with us. [ female announcer ] having grands! biscuits in the morning is easy. just pop 'em in... then go about your business... and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits. grands! warm ideas made easy. ♪ start your morning a whole new way! ♪ ♪ pillsbury grands! biscuits ♪ filled with breakfast ingredients ♪
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♪ ready in minutes! ♪ you gotta taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury grands! biscuit sandwiches. >> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." >> first let's check with lowell. i did not want to get out of my
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warm, fuzzy rope this morning. >> it didn't feel too bad, right? >> the sun comes out. we just have a delightful fall weather. everyone can go outside tomorrow and enjoy it. fall is here. i don't have to tell anyone about the rain moving into the area. the picture speaks for itself. at the inner harbor, 50 degrees. relative humidity, 68%.
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how long will this weather last? >> the redwood streak fwarge, someone was shot. police looking for a thin black male with a white beard. expect to pay more for natural gas this year. the u.s. department of energy is talking $36 or more. it is about a 5% increase based on expectations of the winter weather. b.g.e. is protecting higher rates.
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the web site cites -- >> the murder for hire scheme trial of a baltimore county man is underway. walter bishop was given a change of venue. more on the opening day's statements. >> prosecutors found the murder >> prosecutors found the murder cold blooded and premeditated. he said he was pressured into the killing by his wife. police found the victim at the gas station. he was barely breathing.
5:33 am
porter's biden described the statement as a black man. there were accusations of a murder for hire scheme. he said he did it for the money. walter bishop was her hired hitman. the defense toll jurors carla porter would go to the ends of the earth to have her husband killed. for at least two years she had been telling friends and family members that her husband was abusing her and asked them to carry out the scheme. she said no one tried to stop this murder. walter bishop went to great
5:34 am
lengths to back out of this. they also say he owned up to his role in a confession to police. he was truthful, tearful, remorseful. he assisted the police in finding the weapon. an assistant medical examiner testified william porter was shot under misleft eye and twice in the right side of his head. in that taped interview with police, bishop told detectives, the victim asked carla if the victim was dead. he said, i guess. he also suggested that abishom may that to shoot her in the armor leg or something. >> in "education alert" how the proposal to combine two maryland universities is compulinge fueling a controversy. >> clear, beautiful fall weather in store for the next couple days. your insta-weather plus forecast your insta-weather plus forecast after the break. (announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening.
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this stuff really works.
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>> another great fall day in store for today. you can see definitely under the influence of high pressure. the winds are calm. as far as our weather yesterday, pretty normal. 90. boy, i'd like to see one more of those days. i don't think that's going to happen. good news is, no rain. we have had plenty of rain the last months.
5:38 am
current temperatures right now, a mixed bag depending on where y.ou live. westminster 46. westminster, 47. 47 degrees. fall is here. perfect fall winds. maybe cut the lawn. won't be able to see unless you are up in this upper level trough here. y.ou can see the mid-atlantic coast. gorgeous weather today.
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this is the system we're watching way out in the far west which will bring us wet weather as we head into the middle of the winter. rain chances wednesday and 50%
5:40 am
chance on thursday. >> in the event of a national cyber-attack, maryland officials want to make sure the state and country are protected. they are using real skills to defend our nation and the country. >> the student competition wraps up this weekend. >> officials are considering combining university of college park and university of maryland into one school. tim tooten has details on friday's public hearing. >> more jobs here in baltimore. a win-win. baltimore city being the only city in the nation that has two top 10 research facilities within its borders.
5:41 am
>> a study of the possible merge rier between the university of baltimore and university of maryland college park. the idea was pitched by state lawmakers who directed the board of regents to look into the possibility and come back with a report by december. so far some of the city's political and civic leaders have raised concerns over who would benefit from such a merger. >> i have serious concerns over the pace of the development on the west side. we have a person focused on the west side fully engaged. that's how i would like to see it. >> so far reaction is mixed from students of the downtown campus. >> i don't feel it is something that will happen any time soon. >> i guess on paper it would be good. i don't know how it would work together. >> the chairman of the board of regents is promising a fair process. >> at the end of the day it is
5:42 am
not about politics other than doing what's in the best interests of the citizens of the state of maryland. i think our board understands that. that's what we can continue to do. >> tim tooten, wbaltv. >> let us know what you think of the merger. go to and click on "education alert." >> the economy may be scary to some folks, but still a lot of folks sparking up -- looking into halloween decorations. >> a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> as the technical industry changes, the stand-alone g.p.s. devices will fade out. most smart phones have g.p.s. technology. tablet computers which can do more than handle reading will likely take on the function of magazines and books. low end cameras will be replaced by high-tech options. not a surprise. >> the airlines are rolling out what they call economy comfort creating three extra inches of leg room in the first three to five rows. they will run you an extra $19.95 per ticket, not per inch. >> the economy might still be a
5:46 am
little carry, but it is not stopping people from spending money on halloween this year. costume shops are kicking into overdrive. >> sales are scary good after two down years. >> this year we expected to take a climb, but i was president really ready for the climb that it has already taken. we're about two weeks ahead of ourselves in sales. >> and when they are doing well, a thousand other stores they manufacture and supply to are doing well also. >> stein said they had to bring a crew back in to manufacture more to keep up demand. the national retail federation
5:47 am
announces halloween spending is up. $6.68 billion nationally. you can see the number breakdown here. for costumes people recorded spending an average of $38.50. this year expecting to be over $40. on candy people that spent $20. 04 dipped to $20 in 2009 and are expecting to spend $22 in 011. >> halloween is paul about being ridiculous. >> ok. so what's your favorite halloween decoration to put up every year. >> that's tough. now we have morphed into the really scary stuff. for me, halloween is about the candy corn. it is pure sugar. >> i like -- not purple lights. i'm thinking ravens. i'm thinking the orange lights
5:48 am
that go up. >> i love halloween. always have. >> fun to be a kid no matter how old you are. >> important to check the candy, too. one for me, one for you. >> stay with us. >> what do you have for us? >> i'm pete gilbert. coming up, number 5, joe flacco, game of the year highlights you have to see to believe. you won't believe it. coming up in sports. >> and lowell has another look at your weekend forecast.
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>> ravens playing monday. joe has his detractors.
5:52 am
he wins 40-50 games. road playoff games, too. cameron feels competh compelled to once again make the case for number 5. >> you don't bring a guy to the organization unless you think he is a winner. it is a leadership position. it is about winning. then the stats come. you get a chance to play enough, you get to improve. you get the players around you, your stats will come. it is not about stats first and winning second. that's what makes this guy a great young quarterback, and a guy who is going to win, i think, for a long time. >> perry hall vs. woodlawn. garrison 36 yards up the middle. perry hall gets rolling. 21 yards. gorgeous 14-6.
5:53 am
second quarter. play action. john myers. 15-yard score. 21-6, perry hall. jonathan hobb to walls. 21-20 perry hall at the break. walls again. refuses to quit. great defensive effort. the ball goes to the offense for a tie. and around to the left side. 42 seconds off. off the defenders. not to be caught. unbelievable. perry hall survives what would have been an unbelievable upset. absolute heartbreak for woodlawn.
5:54 am
really represented the best. that's a look at sports. i'm pete gilbert. >> some videos scare audiences. >> new paranormal activity in theaters. details in the "box office preview." >> things go bump in the night in paranormal activity iii. they see disturbing events they don't remember, including dangerous racks with friends. it is rated r. they get the 3-d treatment in the "three muskateers."
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they join the king's elite guards, but when they discover a plot to overthrow his majesty, it is all for one, and one for all. "the three muskateers" is rated pg-13. >> called upon to unraff he will a -- unravel a spy mystery. "johnny english" is rated pg-13. >> "marcy, marcy, may, martheen." an older girl trying to regain her life after escaping a cult. it opens in select cities this
5:56 am
week. rated r. that's the box fiss preview. nbc news. >> i'm impressioned you can do that. >> me, too. >> that looks like the best one of all. >> yes. >> interesting, cool. >> well "the three muskateers." >> yeah. >> i want to see that. >> it is 44 degrees. about 5:55. we'll check out the preparations for a 911 memorial that has been a labor of won love for fun volunteers. >> the book that has been a best seller before it is released. >> the next time you need the temperature, i'm going to charge. going to have charge for the forecast you will have this weekend. it will be delightful. coming up.
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>> 11 years ago, 6,000 runners ran the baltimore marathon. this year more than 20,000 run -- runners ran in the baltimore marathon. it was an especially proud moment for david, the
5:58 am
cross-country coach that made maryland proud. the economic impact to the city was reported to be $30 million for the weekend and $1 million for sharet. -- charity. the positive impact on our city is priceless. for the look at the excitement for the look at the excitement go to and click
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